Welcome DiscoverHer!

dis·cov·er /dəˈskəvər/: To find in course of a search, to become aware, to recognize potential. Are you looking to discover your purpose and potential, but not quite sure where to start? Then you are a DiscoverHer! Follow the course list below to learn:

  • How To Best Utilize the Hearts Over Habits Life Academy Tools and Courses

  • About the Grace and Love of God

  • How to Build a Vision and Plan for the Direction of Your Life

  • How Your Interests Align with Different Career Fields

  • How to Manage and Operate in the Adult World (Household Management, Budgeting, etc)

  • About Multiple Education Options You Have After High School

DiscoverHer Pathway Courses

You are a DiscoverHer! The course list below will be most beneficial for you! These are not the only classes you can take, but will help you build a foundation for success.

  • Life Academy Orientation

    This mini-course will assist you in navigating the Hearts Over Habits Life Academy. Learn more about academy features, opportunities, and how to make the most of your membership.

  • Vision to Execution

    This course teaches you how to create a vision for your life that is rooted in faith and will help guide you as you achieve your goals. Located in Personal Growth and Development

  • Grace Like A Flood

    This amazing series taught by Pastor Michael Todd helps you understand God's grace and love that He has for you. Prepare yourself, this about to change the game for you spiritually! Located in Walking By Faith

  • Adulting 101

    This course will provide you with basic skills in home management, law and recreation, community resources, and more!

  • Budgeting 101

    Discusses the ins and outs of budgeting with a very special guest! Learn the basics of money management as we dive into developing your own budget. Located in Money Management and Stewardship

  • Career Interest Profiler and Exploration

    In Partnership with the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. The ONET interest profiler helps you identify what careers would be the best fit for you. Explore the six occupation types: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. After you identify the careers that may a great fit the career exploration videos will give you more insight and information including average pay and education required. Located in Careers and Professional Life

  • College and Academic Success

    Learn more about types of education options after high school, financial aid, applying for college and more in our college and academic success unit. Located in Careers and Professional Life

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