Welcome ProduceHer!

produce \ prə-ˈdüs\: To give birth to, to cause to have existence, to compose or create by intellectual or physical effort, to bear or to yield something, fruit (noun). Have you accomplished some of your goals, but looking for that extra push to continue? Then you're a ProduceHer! Follow the course list below to learn:

  • How To Best Utilize the Hearts Over Habits Life Academy Tools and Courses

  • How to Stay Connected to God Through a Life of Devotion

  • How to Maximize Your Education and Career Opportunities

  • How to Build, Maintain, and Protect Wealth

  • Importance of Legacy Building

  • Strategies to Improve Your Relationships with Others

  • How to Achieve Life Goals (Home Buying, Marriage, etc)

ProduceHer Pathway Courses

You are a ProduceHer! The course list below will be most beneficial for you! These are not the only classes you can take, but will help you build a foundation for success.

  • Life Academy Orientation

    This mini-course will assist you in navigating the Hearts Over Habits Life Academy. Learn more about academy features, opportunities, and how to make the most of your membership.

  • Charged Up

    This series by Pastor Michael Todd provides practical tools to help you stay connected to God. He is the source! Located in Walking By Faith

  • Career Building

    Learn tools and strategies to maximize every aspect of your career and education. Located in Careers and Professional Life

  • Secure the Bag

    Learn the importance of protecting assets with estate planning, insurance, and living wills. Our experts will give you the tools necessary to protect yourself, your assets, and your family. Located in Money Management and Stewardship

  • Leaving a Legacy

    Are you fulfilling your purpose? What legacy are you leaving for others? This course explores the importance of legacy building and strategies to explore to start building your own legacy. Located in Personal Growth & Development

  • Relationship Goals

    This course correlates with the Relationship Goals book by Pastor Michael Todd. Learn more about yourself and others through this amazing study. If you haven't watched the Transformation Church Relationship Goals series it's located in this course curriculum!

  • Home Purchasing 101

    This course walks you step by step through the home buying process to help understand, prepare, and achieve your goal of home ownership. Located in Money Management and Stewardship

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