Welcome SowHer!

sow \ ˈsō \: To intentionally plant seed for growth and production of a harvest, build an enterprise. Are you a SowHer? Have you decided your path, but not quite sure how to get there? Are you looking for the tools to get you started with developing knowledge and habits that will make you successful? Then you are a SowHer! Follow the course list below to learn:

  • What It Means to Be Planted and Strategies Maximize this Season

  • How to Change Your Mindset on Wealth and Finances

  • How to Secure Employment (Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Interview Strategies, Maintaining Employment)

  • How to Navigate Health and Mental Health

  • Skills Needed to Achieve College Success

SowHer Pathway Courses

You are a SowHer! The course list below will be most beneficial for you! These are not the only classes you can take, but will help you build a foundation for success.

  • Life Academy Orientation

    This mini-course will assist you in navigating the Hearts Over Habits Life Academy. Learn more about academy features, opportunities, and how to make the most of your membership.

  • Planted Not Buried

    This series taught by Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church in Tulsa, OK discusses the importance of sowing and what to do in your waiting season. Located in Walking By Faith

  • Money Matters

    This course will assist you in creating a financial vision, paying off debt, investing, and giving. Learn the fundamental concepts of money management. Located in Money Management and Stewardship

  • Resume and Cover Letters

    This course will assist in developing a professional resume and cover letter. Templates and samples are available to assist you to launch your career search. Located in the Careers and Professional Development

  • You Have the Interview, Now What?

    This course will discuss the critical do's and don'ts of interviewing for positions. Our experts will give you inside information on what Human Resource professionals are looking for. Located in Careers and Professional Development

  • Your Health Is Lit!

    This course provides a look at what health literacy is and why it is important. Learn the basics about doctors appointments, managing your health, and more! Located in Health and Mental Health

  • College Success 101

    Congratulations! You are going to college this can be an exciting and overwhelming time. The College Success 101 course will discuss important tools such as syllabus reading, time management, test taking, and more! Located in College and Academics

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